Imagen Servicio Consultoría

In Ibidem we offer various consultancy services such as:

  • Design and registration of denominations of origin.
  • Strategic alignment of Intellectual Property Portfolios.
  • Auditing of intellectual capital (due diligence).
  • Economic and financial assessment of industrial property assets.
  • Advice to advertising agencies (naming and legality control).
  • Legal and technical translation.

Ibidem has also developed the following advanced consultancy products:

*NameTester: a system to analyse the main weaknesses and strengths in the legal protection of trademarks by checking five basic criteria. Its simplicity allows the quick diagnosis of complex portfolios.

*IPteam: participation as an external industrial property department in working committees and groups for taking strategic decisions, especially in the areas of marketing and communications, strategic trademark management (branding), corporate naming (including strategic recommendations and preliminary opinions on registrability based on public database queries), trademark architecture, line, category and market extensions, R&D projects, licences and technology transfers, design-based differentiation strategies, etc.

*IPcertification: the definition and implementation of quality procedures in industrial property matters, adapted to each company. Additionally, through a specialised team – including detectives and computer experts – we also audit security breaches, automate/mechanize, we train critical personnel and we implement technical and legal measures to protect economically valuable knowhow.