Today, a company must not only have a name that allows it to be identified, differentiated and preferred by its consumers but must also defend its goodwill or reputation from any third-party attacks. A company’s reputation is a valuable asset, one that is especially fragile against attacks from the mass media, consumer organisations, social networks and aggressive competition.

There are various legislative tools to protect a company’s goodwill, including its professional prestige, that can be used together with or as alternatives to crisis cabinet communications strategies.

In this sense, and to provide their clients with an integral service, Ibidem Law&Strategy and its partners cover all the needs for strategic reputation management, such as:

  • Personal and corporate reputation auditing.
  • Monitoring of reputation incidents (offline and online).
  • Goodwill crisis cabinet, including spokesperson, press office and law firm services.
  • Creation and protection of the personal brand of celebrities, artists and sports personalities.

Our legal services cover the civil and criminal defence of the right to honour, personal and family privacy and own image, as well as for the exercising of the rights of reply and correction.

In Ibidem we are also specialists in the protection of company secrets and we have a team of lawyers and specialists in various areas, including detectives, for finding security leaks in the management of confidential information and the implementation of technical and legal measures to protect economically valuable know-how.

To this end, in Ibidem we offer services of:

  • Risk auditing.
  • Design and implementation of security policies.