In Ibidem Law&Strategy we see industrial property as one tool in the marketing mix, thus linking it to the business strategy area instead of to the operations area. Our objective is to align industrial property portfolios to the business strategy from a cost effective perspective, which produces more efficient and lighter files of portfolios that are easy to manage and less burdensome.

Our services include:

  • Reports to determine the registrability of trademarks, models and inventions worldwide, monitoring the competition and identifying the state of the art, including non-infringement opinions.
  • World-wide registrations of trademarks and trade names, invention patents and utility models
    Industrial models and drawings, copyright and domain names.
  • Maintenance of industrial property rights worldwide.
  • Monitoring of conflicting applications in all national and international registers, including domain names. Internet watching services.
  • Administrative defence with relevant industrial property authorities (replies, complaints, appeals).
  • Customs defence.