Ibidem is part of Linklawyers, an international network of independent lawyers and legal firms, rigorously chosen to guarantee their clients immediate and quality counselling anywhere in the world.

Linklawyers offers integral services in all areas of company and business law, providing its clients with excellent legal quality as well as an enriched strategic business view with a wide experience of business support.

Our mission is to ensure that our clients attain their business objectives, forming part of their teams and involving ourselves in the definition of their competitive strategies with an active vision of the law. To reach this objective, our multi-disciplinary teams consist of lawyers specialising in various areas of professional practice, economists, documentalists and consultants who act in projects adapted to the clients’ needs, result oriented and with full budgetary flexibility.

The firms who are members of Linklawyers International are chosen for their experience and believe in a client-focussed business culture as seen in the following values.

  • Quality in the handling of all matters for which the service is provided.
  • Planning and monitoring of all matters with a policy of constant feedback to clients to suitably manage the decision-taking processes.
  • Efficient coordination of the professionals in the various areas involved in the matter as well as between the various associated firms in international matters.

Our international dimension allows us to widen the applicable knowhow, the scalability of the solutions and budgets for clients and the managing and controlling of complex transactions, combining local and global foci.

Our network of associated professionals has wide experience in counselling large companies and start-ups in their internationalisation processes. Here, Linklawyers is a pioneer in emerging markets such as Latin America, Algeria, Iraq and Kurdistan, Armenia, the Maghreb and the Middle East.